Напишите пожалуйста письмо!

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Напишите пожалуйста письмо!

  • Посмотри в интернете правила написания письма, напиши по образцу, а вот тебе основной текст:

    Hello, Jeffrey.
    I was so glad to get your letter.
    I usually go to the countryside to my granny. I really like living there: granny always cooks something tasty like my favourite meat pies or tarts, there are a lot of animals (two cats, three dogs, two cows and a lot of chickens and geese). I want to become a vet one day, so learning from grandma how to take care of animals is a really good training for my future career.
    My family have been to Irkutsk last weekend. We visited about two or three museums, played hockey together, then we went to the restaurant. It was an exciting weekend!
    I just want to stay at home and prepare for my biology test because it must be very difficult. I'm going to miss my tennis class and going to the cinema with friends because of that test!

    У меня небольшие проблемы с артиклями, а так, для урока, по-моему, сойдет.

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