Напишите пожалуйста письмо на английском языке другу о проведенных осенних каникулах

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Напишите пожалуйста письмо на английском языке другу о проведенных осенних каникулах.

  •                                                                                               Dear, Chris
    I love autumn holidays. They provide a respite in their studies. Only it is a pity they are so short.

    Autumn vacation lasts only a week, sometimes ten days. You have no time to really relax and already in school. But soon you unlearn to get up early in the morning. And then ate in the morning to crawl out of bed.

    Usually I spend autumn holidays at home. The weather was cold and rainy, so the street is not especially water. At home I read a book, or spending time on the Internet. If the sun Peeps, I'm out on the street, waiting for my friends.
    Sometimes, when the weather allows, the parents go to the forest for mushrooms. And of course, I also take with them. Therefore, when the word «autumn holidays» first thing I remember wet forest and mushrooms.

    Even the autumn school holidays we go to my Granny. I stay her for a few days. To my arrival grandmother usually takes tickets to the circus , and we go to watch the presentation.

    So we are on vacation do not get bored, our teacher also organizes some cultural trip, for example, in a Museum or an exhibition. The last autumn holiday we went to the Dolphinarium. There were trained seals, white whales and dolphins. I have a lot of impressions! So those autumn holidays I spent very good.
                                                                                          With Love, Marina.

  • Dear friend

    Hello. I am gleat to communicate with you. In a letter that came to me you asked about how I was resting on the autumn holidays. I am answering on question with joy. The holiday has already over,I’m sad, but I spent the holiday well. With mu friends did autumn
    picnic, walked in the park and played with foliage.I didn’t miss in hous too. In the evening, my parents and I enjoy evening gatherings.We told about the history and legends. I will be happy to know how
    you spent your holiday.

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