Напишите ответное письмо на английском срочно

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напишите ответное письмо на английском срочно 

  • Dear Meg
    I was very glad to receive your letter. I enjoyed your story about the summer camp, and about your new friends and adventures. You asked me about the most common holidays in my family, so I'll try to answer your question.
    I think the most popular holiday - New Year and Easter. But in our family we have a special holiday, which I want to tell you. It Is A Day Of Victory. My great-grandfather fought for the Motherland in the Great Patriotic war. He was a doctor. He was in Berlin in the Victory Day in 1945. He did not like to talk about the war, but he loved recalled comrades and their hospital.
    may 9 we see on television military parade and then go to the Theater square in front of the Bolshoi theater or in the Victory Park to meet with veterans. There are a lot of flowers, smiles and tears.
    My great-grandfather died last summer. but the next summer, I'll come in Victory Park and put flowers to the monument to the heroes of the great Patriotic war. In the evening I'll see fireworks in honor of my grandfather and his comrades. I am proud of my great-grandfather and want to become a doctor.
    I think I answered your question. Victory day of the great holiday for all Russians, but also for our family.
    And what holidays are popular in the circle of your family? What holidays do you love the best? As you spend?
    Waiting for the answer
    With best regards, Sergey.

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