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Напишите на английском биографию (все самое главное ) Бетховена

  • Ludwig van Beethoven (German: Ludwig van Beethoven, baptized 17 December 1770 , Bonn, Westphalia - March 26, 1827 , Vienna , Austria archduchy ) - German composer and pianist, a representative of " the Viennese classical school."Beethoven  a key figure in Western classical music , between classicism and romanticism , one of the most respected and performed composers in the world. He wrote in all existed in his time of genres, including opera , music for dramatic productions , choral works . The most significant of his legacy are considered instrumental works : piano , violin and cello sonatas , concertos for piano, violin , quartets , overtures and symphonies . Beethoven's creativity has had a significant impact on the symphony XIX and XX centuries .

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