Напишите 20 предложений с passive voice

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напишите 20 предложений с passive voice

  • 1) These shoes are made in Italy.
    2) The judge was killed last night..
    3) The office was opened at ten.
    4) The carpets are washed every day.
    5) I want to be woken up at six.
    6) She has been informed already.
    7) We are expected not to chat at the lessons.
    8) He is being asked at the moment.
    9) The party has been planned since November.
    10) His new book is being published now.
    11) You will be given enough time.
    12) The house has not been built yet.
    13) The coat is made of wool.
    14) The tea has been drunk.
    15) His idea was being discussed the whole evening.
    16) A present has been bought for the child.
    17) The key will be left on the table.
    18) Our tests have not been checked yet.
    19) The discussion had been finished by two o'clock yesterday.
    20) The project will have been done by the beginning of December.

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