Напишіть твір-лист на тему “Якщо б я була журналістом”

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Напишіть твір-лист на тему "Якщо б я була журналістом"

  • This question , I, like other children , I ask myself the age of five . I then , after watching Brazilian soap operas , just wanted to be an actress. But this is just a childhood dream .     Now I know that to be a journalist - my calling.     I decided to become a journalist two years ago. What attracts me to this profession ? First of all, the fact that it is fun and creative . After all, this is great when you wake up in the morning and do not know where to send you , in which the hot spot sensational events you will go with whom you have to communicate , whose lives you take part ! In this paper lies a mystery .     My dream is to have a youth magazine . I know that a lot of problems in adolescents . Often, these problems have a major impact on their character , views, privacy. Because of the public - that the conflicts and failures they are not thinking about school, friends, about his future. They care about this problem . And teens are choosing "the only right decision ": start drinking , smoking, taking drugs , trying to commit suicide. And my journal will help these guys really find the right solution . Also, I want to help the girls with their advice to establish privacy in category «SOS», for that I should get an education psychologist. This thought came to my mind for a long time , since my friends often ask me for help. I read books on practical psychology and to find answers to the many questions that help me in my life . So I want my advice helped the girls to solve their problems , because often it happens that a stranger is easier to pour out his heart than the very close .     I also want to be in my magazine published photos of girls. No photo models and ordinary girls. After all, each in his heart wants to appear on the covers of fashion magazines. Why not help ?     I think that the work of the journalist attracts me to communicate with people . After all, their day by day I 'll learn more and more involved in their lives , if only because they just trusted me with their story.     The journalist , in my opinion - the most interesting profession . Interesting and very responsible . When I feel like I should do something useful for the people , I understand that I need someone , so, I do not live in vain!

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