Напиши предложение по образцу – i go he goes: you walk she …. they watch he … i swim it… we ma

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Напиши   предложение   по  образцу   -  i  go   he   goes:  you   walk     she   ....        they  watch   he ...      i   swim    it...       we   make   she   ....     you    cook   he  ...    they   drive   he...     you   live    she....

  • I go to the park with my friends
    He goes to school every day
    you are walking with ypr relatives on Satardays
    She waches Tv all night
    they watch only one programm
    i am swim on summer holidays
    we are make a beautiful cake
    you are looking at her because you love her
    they drive a car
    you are live with your parents
  • 1.you walk she walkes
    2.they watch he watches
    3.i swim it swimes
    4.we make she makes
    5.you cook he cookes
    6.they drive he drives
    7.you live she lives

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