Напиши мис Чэттер письмо. Сообщи, когда собираешся приехать, и расспроси её о ферме-о комнате, в которой тебя поселят-о предстоящем отдыхе. Задай не менее

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Напиши мис Чэттер письмо.Сообщи,когда собираешся приехать,и расспроси её о ферме;о комнате,в которой тебя поселят;о предстоящем отдыхе.Задай не менее пяти вопросов.


  • Hi, Miss Chetter.
    I'll be a month from you. Wait. How are you doing on the farm? What do you do? What room are you going to have to settle? How will the upcoming holiday?
  • Dear Mrs.Chatter,
    I'm going to visit you next Friday.
    Could you tell me please, if my room is big or small?Is it sunny or dark? Will i have my own bathroom or i will have to share it?What items would you advise me to take from the city?Is  your farm big?shall i take my gumboots?Dear Mrs.Chatter, as you know i have a small dog ,may i take it with me?
    Look forward hearing from you.
    With love , (имя)

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