Написати твір про риси характеру подруги! сьогодні треба!!

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Написати твір про риси характеру подруги!сьогодні треба!!

  • i would like to tell you about my friends.I have a lot of them,but mu close friend is Dasha.She is my class-mate.She is fourteen like me.Dasha is tall and thin girl.Her hair is long and fair.Her face is oval.she has a straifht nose and beautiful green eyes Dasha is warm-hearted and gentle,guite and well-bred.She is always well dressed and neat.She is always ready to help people.Dasha is not the only child in family,she has an older brother.She loves her brother very much and always plays with him.Dasha knows a lot of funny jokes and interesting stories.She is fond of reading.I like to be around her.I always try to help my friend if she needs.I help her with our lessons where she is ill.We try to spend our free-time together.We talk for hours about all sorts of things:teachers,classmates,films,books.I am happy to have such a friend as Dasha

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