Написати лист другу про шкільну їдальню. Англ

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Написати лист другу про шкільну їдальню. Англ.

  • My dear friend! 
    Sorry for my keeping silent so long, but I have good news for you! I have so many things to tell you. 
    The first news is that my Family moved to a new city. My father was promoted and now he is big boss. I`m too proud of him. My mum`s too. I like our new city, but we didn`t have chance to see it all… I would tell you about my city in the next letter. I`d better tell you about my new school. 
    The school is just close to the house I live in. The architecture of the school is just typical, but the atmosphere inside is something unique. The first day I entered the school I felt home. The teachers are ready to help you, they are strict, but friendly and open-hearted. My classmates are amazingly creative. We play different games every break, all of them have too many interests and I enjoy every minutes I spend in school with my new friends. I like physic culture. We play different team games and it is something crazy… I hope I with my classmates will present my school in the next year championship between school next year. 
    Hope to see you soon. I`m eager to get acquainted you to my new friends. 
  • Dear Oleg,

    I was very glad to hear from you again. Sorry, I haven't written for ages
    because of my school activities.

    I'm very glad to hear something new from you. You ask me about my
    school. My school is
    large and light. There are three floors in it. There is a gym, a library, a
    canteen and a few classrooms on the ground floor. There are many classrooms and
    a teachers’ room от the first and on the second floors.

    classrooms are very large and light. There are twelve desks, a teacher’s table,
    a blackboard and many flowers in our classrooms.

    My school
    life is wonderful. There are lots of concerts, performances and sport competitions
    in our school. My classmates and I often take part in different school events. I
    have a lot of friends in my class.  Our
    teachers are kind and intelligent and my classmates are smart and friendly.


    Tell me a few words about you and your new school and
    friend. Have you joined any sport club? Do you like your new teachers?

    That's for me today. I have to go to the shop for some

    Best regards to your family.
    Write soon.


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