Написать топик о кухне белоруссии на 10 предложений

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Написать топик о кухне белоруссии на 10 предложений

  • Among other things, is the center of the lake Naroch Naroch National Park.
    Attractions in Belarus. Resorts of Belarus. Photo studio "Louvre." Minsk 2008.

    On this earth breathes harmony. Medieval castles, small village
    churches, the ancient pagan temples, cool forests, to preserve the
    beauty of untouched nature, peaceful, transparent, like a tear, and

    All this is Belarus.
    In Belarus, every traveler will find something for everyone whether
    you are a lover of history or prefer modern entertainment, aim it to
    quiet contemplation or stay active.
        One of the most attractive
    features of Belarus - its natural resources. Landscapes of this country
    are not peculiar to the bright colors, the charm of nature appears
    gradually - in a pale pink dawn, sad cries of cranes, transparent green
    forests and fields, the rustling of leaves, the smell of tar and field

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