Написать текст про передачу “Майстер Шеф” 15 предложений

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Написать текст про передачу "Майстер Шеф" (15 предложений)

  • One of the most popular culinary television shows of Ukraine "Mastershef" launches its new, already the third season. Popular reality TV shows us the struggle of the 20 best, according to the judges, cooks. None of them has ever been a professional Cook, all of them simple amateurs who want to become a real pro in the kitchen. The top 20 were selected across the country, the only criterion was to Cook, and not just to cook and be a fanatic. Of course the judge just looked at endurance, ingenuity and the ability to endure stressful situations of each contestant. So we got the 20 best and who of them will receive a top prize of 500 thousand hryvnia and training in culinary school in Paris. But all this is the main winner will receive only after the ordeal, which he prepared the team MasterŠefa.

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