Написать сочинение по английскому языку, вот заданиеWrite a paragraph with the topic sentence Journalists play an important role in modern life . Remem

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написать сочинение по английскому языку,вот задание
Write a paragraph with the topic sentence Journalists play an important role in modern life . Remember to mention these:
1)-if it is necessary to get a special education to become a journalist|
2)-where one can get this education|
3)-personal characteristics for this job| 
4)-if it is necessary to give their comment on the events|
5)-if journalists should give their opinion of the problem or just state facts|
6)-if being a journalist is a rewarding though often a dangerous profession|
7)-the name of a journalist you like/dislike(explain why)

  • Journalists
    play an important role in modern life

    journalist is a guide that will teach you everything you need to know about the
    world. Journalism is a powerful force today, and its importance in our life is
    gradually increasing. It carries out various functions: informative,
    ideological, entertaining and many other functions. First of all, a journalist is
    an honest man. He should be able to answer for the information he presents. It is
    no doubt that a really good journalist should have a good background and profound
    knowledge in all spheres of life, so that he should obtain a special education.
    Higher education is needed for success in today's world. It should be noted
    that a journalist is a good diplomat in modern life. He constantly expands boundaries
    of his own knowledge and strives for something new. To my mind, a journalist
    should have ability to analyze, sometimes give comments on the events, but never popularize violence,
    war, or social discord in his articles. According to the data, the profession of
    journalist is one of the five most dangerous jobs in the world. Everyone knows about
    highly publicized assassinations of Vlad Listyev and Anna Politkovskaya. But I
    came to the conclusion that the measure of risk every journalist defines
    himself. I think that a person, who has chosen this profession, must be ready
    for all the obstacles on his way. The journalist was born rather than made.

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