Написать сочинение об одном вымерающим животном

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Написать сочинение об одном вымерающим животном

  • Dodo (Dodo) ( until the end of the XVII century )
    Dodo (Dodo) ( until the end of the XVII century )
    8. Great Auk (Great Auk) ( until 1844 )

    This amazing bird was wiped out in the middle of the XIX century. Due to the weak development of the wings she could fly, land went hard , but great to swim and dive . In
    the XVI century Icelanders extracted their eggs intact boats , but in
    1844 were killed last two birds, and since reports of these birds have
    been reported.

    9. European lion (Cave Lion) ( extinct about 2,000 years ago)

    European lion (Panthera leo europaea) - was a contemporary of the ancient Greeks and Romans . Habitat
    only large feline on the continent spread across the south, along the
    shores of the Mediterranean Sea and met in what is now the Balkans ,
    Italy, France , Spain and Portugal . The
    Greeks , Romans and Macedonians lion has been a popular object of
    hunting and often participated in the Roman gladiatorial combat , as a
    deliberate sacrifice.

    Already at the beginning of the first millennium European lions were virtually exterminated. Last of the European lions was killed in Greece around 100 BC. e .

    10 . Dodo (Dodo) ( until the end of the XVII century )

    Dodo or dodo - flightless bird , which had a huge beak. It is assumed that the adult bird weighs 20-25 kg (compared to the mass of turkey - 12-16 kg) , height up to a meter .

    (Raphus cucullatus) lived on the island of Mauritius , the last mention
    of it relates to 1681 , there is a drawing artist R. Savereya 1628 . Dodo became a symbol of the destruction of species as a result of careless or barbaric intrusion into the existing ecosystem. The
    Jersey Wildlife Trust , founded by the famous naturalist Gerald Durrell
    and concentrating on saving endangered species , even chose the dodo as
    their emblem .

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