Написать сочинение на тему сколько дают детям на карманные расходы, на что они их тратят

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написать сочинение на тему сколько дают детям на карманные расходы ,на что они их тратят ,

  • Nowadays they discuss a lot the problem of children's pocket money. Many people believe that there are a lot of disadvantages in letting kids spend money by themselves. At the same time, others are sure it is very important for the development of a teenager.

    As for me, I agree with the second point of view. First of all, organizing your own money, learning how to spend them gives children an excellent practicall knowledge of how to plan your budget. Secondly, it gives a teenager a chance to participate activelly in social life what is an important part of their social development and personal growth.

    On the other hand, there deffinatelly are a lot of cons about it. Most of the times, teenagers spend their pocket money uselessly buying all kinds of unimportant stuff or participating in stupid entertainement. Moreover, children don't learn how to earn money while spending them if their it's their parents who give them pocket money. 

    I guess, it's a very individual question, how much money to give to a teenager. It depends on the social life of a teenager, his hoobies and interests.In my view, parents have to be familiar with the surrounding and interests of their kid and making their decision about giving this or that amount of money according to how the kid may spend them.

    To summ it up, I'd like to say that the question of children's pocket money is a very dellicate one. No doubt, a teenager needs certain amount of money not to be isolated from the world and it's his parents task to make sure their kid knows how to spend money wisely and knows the value of it.

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