Написать сочинение на тему my favorite character in book

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написать сочинение на тему my favorite character in book

  •  My favorite book character is Harry Potter.  I think the books are really cool. Harry Potter is   really great.  I think that Harry Potter is awesome. I can tell you why I like him.

       Harry Potter is written by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter is this wizard that goes to a wizard school called Hogwarts. There he learns wizardry. Harry faces many adventures at Hogwarts. He also faces many problems. There are heroes and villains. Harry makes lots of friends. He has a good time.

       Harry's parents died from a very terrible villain named Voldemort. He now lives with his mean grandparents in a cupboard. He barely gets dinner. He gets yelled at all of the time. He has no privillages to watch TV or anything. He is very miserable at home.

       Harry Potter is an awesome series. There are seven books. The books are very wonderfull. I really enjoy the books. I think you should read them. They're great books.

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