Написать сочинение на тему мой поход в зоопарк

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написать сочинение на тему мой поход в зоопарк

  • On vacation , November 1 , we are all class and went to the zoo on the certificate, which we won in the marathon . This hike was fun.We gathered at 14:00 in the school and went to the zoo together. We went to the zoo for a long time , enjoying the beauty of nature. On the way we first met predators : tigers , lions , cats . Next we looked at the polar bear , which is very funny to ride on the ice. Then we got to the enclosure . And there we were in the tropical world. We looked at the kangaroos, monkeys and small Leagrove , who was born recently . Then we went to the fish. All fish live in very large aquariums that are filled with strange plants, stones and seaweed . Each fish is beautiful in its own way. I was surprised by their color as nature could so decorate each fish. After we went back to the fish .This trip was very interesting and entertaining. I am pleased that we were able to meet and go on vacation the whole class in such a good place .

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