Написать сочинение на английском на тему: один из популярных видов спорта в Росии Волейбол

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написать сочинение на английском на тему:  один из популярных  видов спорта в Росии  Волейбол

  • Volleyball - a sport , team sports game in which two teams compete in a special area , divided by a net , trying to steer the ball to the opponent so that he landed on the floor of the enemy, or a defending player has made a mistake . As for the organization of attack players of one team is not allowed to touch the ball more than three consecutiveVolleyball - proximity, the combination sport where each player has a strict specialization at the site. The most important qualities for volleyball players are jumping to be able to rise high above the net , reaction, coordination , physical strength for the effective work of attacking strokes .For fans of volleyball - a common method of entertainment and recreation due to the simplicity of the rules and the availability of equipment .There are numerous options for volleyball , diverged from the core - beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, pionerbol , park volleyball .Each of the two commands may be composed of up to 14 players on the field at any one time may be 6 players. The goal - to finish off the attack hit the ball to the floor , that is up to half of the playing surface area of the enemy, or force him to make a mistake .The game starts putting the ball in play by forcing according to lot . After the ball is in play pitch and pitch a successful lottery goes to the team that won the point. Area on the number of players is roughly divided into 6 zones . After each jump right to file moves from one team to another as a result of the draw points, players move to the next area in a clockwise direction .
  • Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Russia,this is a very exciting and interesting game
    most often it is played in school physical education,but also play at home when they go somewhere. This is not such a difficult game,but on the contrary very interesting and fun,I most like is the activity, and care,because you need to see and catch the ball. She's popular because you can play it more often children,but adults too.
    Here is such a game of volleyball.

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