Написать соченение на англисском про собаку

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Написать соченение на англисском про собаку

  • From ancient times, the dog lived next to the man was her friend and assistant. This is the first animal tamed by an old man. She shared with the dog food, and he helped her out hunting and guarding her and her home. Since then goes true friendship between them.Today, the role of dogs in people's lives is very important, it performs many functions. First, the dog - it usually pet whole family that warms your heart friendly attitude , entertains, keeps house. My girlfriend loves dogs. She says that dogs are very intelligent , able to learn and understand the owner , even without words , feeling his mood. There are breeds of dogs , such as Labrador, which is very good , they are taken to a family with small children that they are true friends and protectors!!!
  • Dog rescued a life to the homeless owner.
    The homeless man from a distant part of the
    state of Washington incredibly lucky to have a friend named buddy (Buddy). When
    the man became ill and there was no one to call for help, the faithful dog was
    rescued by his master.

    The dog, a cross between Australian shepherd, fled railway in the city Тамвотер
    (Tumwater) with a letter attached to the collar straps, when a woman, was
    walking his dog saw him. Expanding the letter, she gave a cry for help: «Help.
    Send help. This is not a joke, I can not walk. Medicine does not help. Need a

    The woman immediately called the police and the police began to search. They
    managed to find this sick person, who is rumored to have lived in a tent in the
    woods. Detective Ian Kolb (Jen Kolb) recalls: "He
    is not moving. He was lying in his tent and could not leave this place. He had
    no phone to call someone. He could not ask for help, and he was afraid he was
    going to die. "
    The man was taken to hospital where he was recovering well. Several people took
    care of him and his dog.

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