Написать письмо на английском. Надо написать, чем богата Россия, достопримечательности России. Заранее спасибо

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Написать письмо на английском. Надо написать, чем богата Россия, достопримечательности России. Заранее спасибо.

  • The Russian Federation, commonly called Russia is the largest country in the world. It stretches for half of the globe and covers the Asian and European continents. Ural mountain range divides Russia into two parts. Most Russians live in cities located in the European part of Russia. In the east of the Ural Mountains located Siberia, which is the least populated of - in a very harsh climate in the region.
    Due to the location of the country and its vast territory is not surprising that Russian natural scenery is very diverse. In Russia you can see the snowy tundra and vast forests of the taiga, mixed grass steppes and cold deserts . Much of the eastern region of Russia is a mountain plateau . Volga is the longest river in Europe , crosses the entire country and empties into the Caspian Sea.The climate in Russia during the year relative to the cold , but the summer months are quite warm, especially in the European part of the country . In the winter in the north of Siberia may be the temperature reaching up to 68 º C.If you're planning to visit Russia for the first time , start with the capital - Moscow. Moscow population of about 9 million people , and this is the best city where you can see the rich history of the country . Here are located most of the major attractions of Russia . One of them - the Kremlin . He was once a fortress palace that belonged to the powerful Russian tsars . Next to the Kremlin is the famous Red Square , which played an important role in Russian history.
    From Moscow you can travel to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg . This is the best place where you can explore the rich cultural heritage of the country . Travelers visiting St. Petersburg, are amazed by the majestic forts , which are located around the city. This and the Cathedral of St. Peter, and the Summer and Winter Palace . Tourist Mecca and city landmark Russia - the Hermitage Museum . Founded by Catherine the Great in 1764, the museum houses some of the finest art works , penned by Leonardo da Vinci , Pablo Picasso and Van Dyke .While in St. Petersburg, set aside time to see Russian ballet. The city has two theaters, where you can enjoy the ballet - it's Bolshoi and the Kirov . Brought into the country in the 18th century in Paris , ballet for a long time was improved and developed , developing his own unique inimitable style.Finally , traveling , be sure to visit the beautiful city - Novgorod . Located along the Volga River , this ancient city was built thousands of years ago and is still lovingly preserved.

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