Написать письмо личного характераПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!…i am dreaming of buying a new mobile phone. My parents have hard times now and can’t afford

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написать письмо личного характера

...i am dreaming of buying a new mobile phone. My parents  have hard times now and can't afford to splash out on expensive things for me , so i try  to save up from my weekend job. And what about you? Do your parents give you pocket money or do you earn it ? How much money do you spend a week? What do you spend it on?
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  • Дату, город напиши сам.
    Dear Mary,
    I was glad to get your letter.
    You asked me how I get my pocket money. I earn it working in the coffee shop. I like working there: it always smells good and it's a very cozy place with nice and friendly people. It's also useful for my future because I clearly understand how hard earning your own money is.
    I spend about 200 rubles for my school lunches and about 2-3 thousands of rubles a month for things like clothes, books, earphones, etc. I also pay about 2 thousands of rubles for classes with my tutor.
    Are you going to stay at home during your summer holidays? Will you attend a drawing club? Will your friends visit foreign countries?
    Write me soon.
    Love, _____ (your name)

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