Написать письмо английскому другу о питании в школе

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написать письмо английскому другу о питании в школе


  • It's horrible!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Hi,my dear Friend,
    I`m glad to write you again.How are thing`s at school?I`m really very well,cause my marks are great this week.Do you know how I get good grades?It`s healthy food,at all.
      I usually have my breakfast at home in the morning,but it`s an easy breakfast.Porridge, yogurt,sandwich with tea,for example.But the main part of my breakfast is at school.We have hard breakfast to be full along all school day.We always have first course and main course.It`s always tasty.Then I can have a short lunch with my friends.
      And what do you think of your school food?Write to me soon.
      By yours ...

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