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написать песьмо о наменитом человеке по англиски 

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    Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was born in Moscow. From early age Pushkin was brought up in the literary environment. His father was, the judge of literature, had big library, the uncle was a poet. The house Pushkinykh visited Karamzin, Zhukovsky, Dmitriev.

    Communication with the grandmother, with Arina Rodionovna, with uncle Nikita Kozlovym presented many impressions to young Pushkin. The father and the uncle decided to define Alexander in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum where he and started studying in 1811. About the Lyceum role in formation of the identity of Pushkin it is told much. Let's remember names of friends whom Pushkin found in Lyceum: Ivan Puschin, Wilhelm Kuechelbeker, Anton Delwig. They forever remained friends faithful and close to Pushkin. In Lyceum Pushkin started writing verses, in 1814 the first poem "To the Friend to the Poet" was published.

    After the Lyceum termination Pushkin didn't come back to Moscow, in 1817 he moved to Petersburg and was enlisted on service in Board of foreign affairs. In Petersburg it communicated in secular society, in a literary environment, visited balls, theaters. In 1820 it finished the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" — the first large work.

    For epigrams, the free verses which were quickly extending across Petersburg, in 1820 Pushkin was sent to the southern link. In four years he moved to the different cities: Ekaterinoslav, Kishinev, Odessa. During this link romantic southern poems "Caucasian Captive", "Bakhchsarai Fountain", "Brothers Robbers" were written to them, and in 1823 it began work on the novel in verses "Eugene Onegin".

    In 1824 Pushkin was sent to the northern link in a manor of parents Mikhaylovsky where after departure of a family I lived with the nurse. There it continued work on "Eugene Onegin", wrote "Boris Godunov", poems. There, in Mikhaylovsky, friends, there Puschin visited him brought to Pushkin "Woe from Wit", being there, Pushkin corresponded. There found its news about revolt of Decembrists in which his many friends, and about their execution participated.

    On September 4, 1826 Nikolay 1 unexpectedly called Pushkin to Moscow. But freedom provided by the tsar, was short. In 1328 there was a resolution of the State Council on supervision over Pushkin. Same year it self-willedally left to the Caucasus where his friends served.

    In 1830 Pushkin wooed N. Goncharova. Before a marriage it went to a manor in Boldino where it was compelled to be late because of quarantine. This period in Pushkin's creativity call in the Boldinsky fall during which he wrote a large number of literary works of the most different genres.

    15 мая.1831 years Pushkin married and moved to Petersburg. These years he worked much in archives, wrote works on historical subjects. This is "Dubrovsky", "The captain's daughter", "History Pugacheva". Pushkin the Sovremennik magazine, was his editor, communicated Belinsky, Gogol, with artists.

    Difficulties arose again when Pushkin was compelled to communicate in court circles. On February 9, 1837 Pushkin was shot on duel with Dantes, was fatally and died on February 10 in the house on the Sink.

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