Написать на английском языке мини-проект: почему природные катаклизмы так опасны в 21 веке?

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написать на английском языке мини-проект: почему природные катаклизмы так опасны в 21 веке?

  • 1. XXI century - global dangers and threats
    History of earth civilization development is a complex, contradictory, uneven process and largely his trajectory depends on the aspirations of man and society to ensure their safety, avoid hunger, diseases, to achieve comfortable conditions of existence, to provide protection against aggression, protect the environment and so on, therefore, we can say that the major goal of development in all times was the attainment of higher and higher quality of life and security.

    Obviously, these motives, goals and priorities of development will continue into the twenty-first century. However, the value of security, its weight in the overall performance of the quality of life will increase considerably. Now we can confidently assert that ensuring the safety of people, society, country and world community will be a major priority for the coming decades, will become the basis for the strategy of civilization in the current and projected future conditions.

    The growth of the importance of security in the processes of development in the XXI century due to the approach of the system-wide crisis of civilization, aggravation of its survival, the necessity of a radical change of the way of development.

    Such turning points in the history of mankind attacked repeatedly.

    Once again such moment came at the end of XX century. Approached and began to manifest multivariate crisis of civilization.

    Thanks to the scientific and technological revolution, social and economic progress in the second half of this century the world has changed dramatically. Significantly improved the working conditions and quality of life of people, including increased welfare, public health service, education, social security, culture.

    However, progress, raising the rights to its current level, proved its flip negative aspects associated with the depletion of the resource potential of the Land, extensive nature of the exploitation of these resources, overpopulation, number of crises in the social, economic, political spheres. It became clear that the extensive way of development is exhausted.

    Simultaneously the global dynamics showed a new civilizational phenomenon. The growing interdependence of countries and peoples, despite all the differences in levels of development, culture, religion, historical traditions reached such a degree that it began to be understood as the most important modern phenomenon in the life of mankind, called «globalization.» The various components of this phenomenon are both positive and negative. On the negative side, globalization is most clearly manifested in the form of so-called global problems. In adopted for us interpretation under the global problems of mankind refers to General difficulties and contradictions in relations between man and nature, as well as within society, has the coverage and intensity of planetary scale.

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