Написать маленький рассказ об хэллоуине на англиском языке. Как я на пример праздновал

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Написать маленький рассказ об хэллоуине на англиском языке. Как я на пример праздновал

  • One of the national festivals of English-speaking countries is Halloween. It takes place on October 31 on Allhallow’s Eve. The pumpkin is a symbol of this festival in which offensive face is cut out. A lighted candle is put into the pumpkin. It was considered that pumpkin left about the house on All Saints' Day drove off malignant demons. The song “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett is an informal hymn of this festival. On this day parties are held and people put on suits of the terrible creatures and monsters from films. Children go from house to house, sing songs and try to get sweeties. Besides that games and fortune-telling are widely spread on Halloween. At night children and teenagers tell each other horror stories and legends and the most popular legend is about Bloody Mary. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called three times. Organization of attractions where visitors are got scared is also an important tradition. On this holiday television broadcasts a lot of horror films and animations. On this day we can show our fantasy and live in the world of dead for a little while. Halloween has been gaining in popularity in Russia recently.
  • Traditionally,
    Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31 October to 1 November. In
    the evening, dressed in various costumes children go from door to door
    and collect sweets. This holiday is a part of Western culture, but is
    celebrated mainly in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Puerto Rico, and
    is gaining popularity in Australia and New Zealand. Russia is already
    not far behind.

    Celebrate Halloween originates from Celtic
    culture Ireland, Britain and France, was originally called Самхайн
    (Samhain) and was the pagan Celtic holiday of harvest. In the 19th
    century, Irish, Scottish and other immigrants brought their traditions
    and festivals in North America.

    At the end of the 20th century
    many Western countries have also begun to celebrate this holiday have as
    a part of American culture.
    The term Halloween (or as it was written formerly Hallowe'en) -
    reduction from All-hallow-even (all Hallows eve), since he precedes "all
    saints Day". In Ireland, he called All Hallows' Eve (eve of all saints
    day), and, despite the old name, it is still considered a major common

    During this holiday had been conducted on religious
    holidays in pagan traditions of different Nordic countries. It happened
    before, when Pope Gregory III moved the celebration of this old
    Christian celebration on the eve of all saints day on November 1, to
    make Halloween Christian interpretation.

    In some parts of Ireland
    this holiday is also called "Night puki" (Pooky Night), allegedly in
    honour of mischievous and naughty spirit puki.

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