Написать кратко о своей маме на английском

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Написать кратко о своей маме на английском

  • Я очень люблю свою маму. Она самый любимый человек на земле. она всегда мне помогает если что то не получается. я ее очень люблю. - I really love my mother. She is the most beloved person on earth. she always helps me if something does not work. I love her so much. все проверила на переводчике. 100 проц без ошибок! обращайся!
  • First of all I
    want to tell you that my mother's name is Irina and she is 37. Her height is
    nearly 164 cm. But she'd like to be a bit taller. Well, she is not slim but she is not fat either. 

    mother has a round face as everyone has, a bit long nose and big cheerful
    grey eyes. Her skin is a bit pale but she likes this fact, she doesn't like
    ruddy faces. She has no freckles
    as my friend Nina has. Her forehead is open. I think my mother has a charming

    Her hair isn't
    very short but it's not long either. It is straight and black. She
    has rich hair.

    I think that she
    looks like her father.

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