Написать как можно больше предложений на английском, примерно за 5, класс не трудные из 5 слов или 6 до 9 максимальное количество предложений 30, если

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Написать как можно больше предложений на английском, примерно за 5, класс не трудные из 5 слов или 6 (до 9) максимальное количество предложений 30, если будут заумные предложения, кидаю бан... Пунктов даю достаточно

  • 1) I am a pupil of the fifth form.
    2) I study at school number ... 37 (например)
    3) I have got a big family.
    4) We often spend time together.
    5) We go for walks at the weekends.
    6) We often go on picnics.
    7) My parents like to go to the forest.
    8) They pick up berries and mushrooms.
    9) I prefer to stay at home.
    10) I like to read detectives.
    11) My favourite writer is Agatha Christie.
    12) I have got many friends.
    13) They are nice, kind and merry.
    14) We often visit each other.
    15) I am interested in sport.
    16) I am a member of voleyball team.
    17) Computer games are also impoftant for me.
    18) I like to relax after school by the computer.
    19) We have got a pet.
    20) It is a big fluffy dog.
    21) It is very funny.
    22) All my family likes our pet.
    23) I always help parents about the house.
    24) I wash the dishes, dust the furniture.
    25) I go shopping once a week.
    26) I enjoy music.
    27) I always listen to music when I do my homework.
    28) I am very talented.
    29) I can sing very well.
    30) My parents are proud of me.
  • 1) My room is very light and large.
    2) You can see
    a vase with flowers on my dresser.
    3) I have a computer desk with my new net-book which connected to
    4) There are some posters on
    the walls of my room.
    5) In the middle of the room there is a colorful carpet.
    I have an elder
    sister whose name is Irina.
    7) My mother is
    very pretty and kind.

    8) My father is a driver in a hospital.
    9) My father
    is very strong and strict.
    10) My brother likes
    to play chess.
    11) We often play football in the evening.

    12) Our granny lives not far from our house.
    13) I 
    come to see my grandmother on Sundays.
    14) We have supper at 7p.m.
    15) I like read books about animals.
    My favourite domestic
    animal is a kitten.
    17) My kitten is very fat and kind.
    18) My kitten likes milk and
    19) My dog likes to sleep and to play with a ball.
    20) I love my mother very
    The weather is
    fine so my friends and I go to the park every day.

    I have many
    23) I don't like Maths and History.
    24) My mother is teacher and my father is a driver/
    25) We watch TV every evening.
    26) They like to play computer games.
    27) We go to school together.
    28) My sister has got a nice dress.
    29) There are many flowers in our school.
    30) We learn many new English words.

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