Написать 12 предложений, во всех временах утвердительные с неправельными глаголоми

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Написать 12 предложений, во всех временах (утвердительные) с неправельными глаголоми

  • 1) I read books every day.
    2) I bought a book yesterday.
    3) I will buy this book tomorrow.
    4) I am driving a car now.
    5) I was cutting bread when my mum came into the kitchen.
    6) I will be flying in the plane tomorrow at 7 p.m.
    7) I have made my bed already.
    8) We had come home before our granny called us.
    9) They will have done the task by tomorrow evening.
    10) She has been learning English for ten years.
    11) He had been building his house for five years by the time he retired.
    12) We will have been learning this rule for a month by our next lesson.

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