Написать 10 предложений по английскому о любом художнике

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Написать 10 предложений по английскому о любом художнике

  • Leonardo da Vinci was the embodiment of the Renaissance ideal of the universal man, the first artist to attain complete mastery over all branches of art. He was a painter, sculptor, architect and engineer besides being a scholar in the natural sciences, medicine and philosophy.eonardo da Vinci was born on the 15th of April, 1452 as an illegitimate son of the notary Ser Piero di Antonio da Vinci and his mother, a peasant woman Caterina, in a small town called Vinci, near Empoli, Tuscany. The first four years of his life were spent in a small village near Vinci with his mother. After 1457, he lived in his father's family, which soon moved to Florence. At the age of 15 he became an apprentice of the Florentine painter and sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio and although in 1472 he entered the San Luca guild of painters in Florence, which would indicate that he had attained a degree of professional independence, he remained with Andrea del Verrocchio until 1480. His first known work, which he painted as an assistant, is the angel, kneeling on the left of the Verrocchio's picture The Baptism of Christ (c.1472-1475). 
  • I like Gustav Klimt. His color patterns are beautiful and interesting.  I'm fascinated with his madness.  Did you know he apprenticed with his father as a jeweler and that's why there are so many jewel shapes in his paintings?

    Van Gogh. I'm fascinated with his madness. His color patterns are beautiful and interesting. I like the sunflowers. It is one of the most famous painting in the world. Have you ever heard about "The Potatoe Eaters"? Those eaters are actually very ugly, but the picture looks very realistic that/s why i love it.  My favorite painting of his is wheatfield with crows. It was supposedly the last painting he finished before he killed himself. I find it to be really telling. It says a lot/

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