Написать 10 предложений о телевидение за и противошибаетесь и не ошибаетесь

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Написать 10 предложений о телевидение за и против(ошибаетесь и не ошибаетесь)

  • I'm thinking that TV is bad because you can't do your homework while you are watching it. But if you will watching science programs you can know more about your world. Tv is bad because you need more electric for it. You can see films on it. It's good. You can watching cool programs and can win in a lottery (if you like it). And you can see somthing that you can't do at home. You can buy DVD's and see more films with your friends. But some TV's needs many place. And you can't make a party. But I'm thinking TV is good.

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