Нам надо сочинение на тему “человек которым я горжусь и хочу стремиться к его успехам…”как то так…ну..кем я горжусь, это должен быть знаменитый чел

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нам надо сочинение на тему "человек которым я горжусь и хочу стремиться к его успехам..."как то так...ну..кем я горжусь,это должен быть знаменитый человек...вотХуань Гуофу

  • I think everybody has an idol, a person you admire. I have an idol, too.
    His name is Huang Guofu. Despite the lack of hands , a Chinese artist named Huang Guofu creates stunning images that have already received numerous awards.
    His hands 42 -year-old man lost in a powerful electric shock when he was four years old. Since childhood dream professionally Chinese painting. And he was able to make this vision a reality - at the age of twelve Juan learned to paint with his feet.
    At eighteen Guofu had to earn a living, because his father was ill . Throwing his studies , he began to travel around the country and draw directly on the fabric of city streets that are usually sold to passersby . It was at this period of his life, the artist learned how to work , holding a brush in his mouth.
    Huang Guofu, was the founder of the community for the same as he did , and artists. The man is a true inspiration , who by his own example demonstrates the human fortitude .
    "If life closes one door, he opens another necessarily . I want the youth to know : there is no insurmountable obstacles . The only possible obstacle lies in ourselves , "- says the master .

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