Найдите, напишитепо-английскому какой-нибудь материал на эту тему,”The EU and different perspectives”

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Найдите,напишите(по-английскому) какой-нибудь материал на эту тему,
"The EU and different perspectives"

  • In the past few weeks, I’ve had a chance to talk with a
    number of senior executives in both Europe and the U.S. Their
    perspectives are strikingly different.In Europe, the pessimism is
    palpable. While not many are afraid of the EU imploding, they are
    concerned that Europe will be stuck in neutral during a protracted
    period of little or no growth. Those with whom I spoke were concerned
    about the politicians kicking the can down the road again and the
    inability of Europeans to pull together to solve their problems and deal
    with their overextended economies.European CEOs are somewhat
    hopeful that emerging markets will help carry them through. Many are
    also looking to expand their positions in the U.S., where they see the
    recovery as further along and manufacturing industries that have much
    lower costs and greater flexibility. If they could wave a magic wand,
    they would fix Europe’s overextended economies and get back to business.

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