Надо написать небольшое сочинение 55 слов о британском празднике, кроме : St David`s Day , Swan Upping , Carol Singing , Up-Helly-Aa , Guy Fawkes Day

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Надо написать небольшое сочинение (55 слов ) о британском празднике,кроме : St David`s Day , Swan Upping , Carol Singing , Up-Helly-Aa , Guy Fawkes Day , The State Opening  of  Parlaiment , The Trooping of the Colour , Highland Games , May Day.

  • The most popular winter holidays in the UK are undoubtedly Christmas and New Year . Christmas Day falls on December 25, and this day is a public holiday , as well as 26 and 27 December as Christmas Day and Boxing Day holidays. New year, as in many countries of the world , celebrated on January 1 . However, the British special significance is Christmas itself , and it is to this day the most extensive fall treats , including Christmas dinner with stuffed turkey in England , roast goose in Wales and Ireland. Another dish is a symbol of Christmas - it's dried fruit pudding . British at home this holiday are similar to the fabulous scenery , as they decorate the Christmas tree branches , berries , colorful candles and a sprig of mistletoe above the door. The tradition says that if a man and a woman met under mistletoe , they should definitely kiss . The most beloved symbol of the children in this holiday are Christmas socks, prudently hung over the fireplace to Santa Claus filled them up to the limit of gifts.

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