На английском языке написать тема национальные блюда Украины

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На английском языке написать тема национальные блюда Украины.

  • Ukrainian cuisine is closely linked to the customs, culture, and way of life of the Ukrainian people. It is famous for itsdiversity and flavours.The most popular Ukrainian dish is borsch. This thick and delicious soup is prepared with a variety of ingredients including meat, mushrooms, beans, and even prunes.Mushroom soups, bean and pea soups, soups with dumplings and thick millet chowders are also popular."Holubtsi", or stuffed cabbage, is another favourite dish, as are "varenyky" filled with potatoes, meat, cheese,sauerkraut or berries such as blue-berries or cherries. "Varenyky" are often mentioned in folk songs.Ukrainians like dairy products. Some samples: cheese pancakes and "riazhanka" (fermented baked milk). There are no holidays without pies, "pampushky" (type of fritters), "baba" (a tall cylindrical cake) and honey cakes.Ukrainian sausage is delicious. It is preserved in a special way — in porcelain vessels filled by melted fat.Of course, every region of Ukraine has its own recipes and traditions.

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