Mr Greenwood has got a bird. He is a parrot. His name is Rocky. He is big and funny. He eats corn. He can sing, fly and skip. And he can speack. He speaks wel

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Mr Greenwood has got a bird.He is a parrot.His name is Rocky.He is big and funny.He eats corn.He can sing,fly and skip.And he can speack.He speaks well.On Sundays Rocky and Mr Greenwood  like to play chess.But the bird cannot read.Mr Greenwood teaches (учит) his bird to read:"Please,Rocky,read."  ЗАКОНЧИ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ 1) The bird 's name is...... . 2)He eats..... . 3)Rosky.........well. 4)His teacher is ....... . 5)Mr Greenwood teaches his bird to ....... .

  • 1) Rocky
    2) corn
    4) mr greenwood
    5) read

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