Мой любимый писатель Артур Конан Дойл “Приключения Шерлока Холмса” на английском

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Мой любимый писатель Артур Конан Дойл "Приключения Шерлока Холмса" на английском.

  •   I’m very fond of reading. Especially I like to read detective stories and historical novels. That’s why I prefer books by Conan Doyle. Arthur Conan Doyle is particulary known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes. His stories such as “The Sign of the Four”, “The Empty House” and many other are known all over the world. He was born in 1859 in Edinburgh. Perhaps the most curious thing in his biography is that he wasn’t a writer all the time. Arthur qualified as a doctor and worked as an eye specialist. Only in 1891 he became a full time writer.
    I like his short stories about Sherlock Holmes and I have read all of them. My favourite story is “The Speckled Band”  In addition I would like to tell that Conan Doyle also wrote plays, memoirs and historical novels. In my opinion he is one of the leading masters of the detective genre.

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