Много пунктов! четыре пять предложений напишите рассказ о флаге Британии

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много пунктов!  четыре пять предложений напишите рассказ о флаге Британии

  • Flag of Great Britain - is a blue rectangular flag , crossed by two diagonal red stripes with white outline . Located on top of the red cross lines of greater width and with a white outline . Parties webs made ​​in the ratio 1:2. The correct name of the flag is pronounced " Union Flag ", but much more common to hear the name " Union Jack ." According to one version , the word " Jack " in this case can be considered a tribute to marine rules under which they call their flag sailors on a ship of war .
    Officially, the British flag was in eighteen hundred first year. It is a symbol of the different parts of the country , the combined power of the empire.
    Their individual value have absolutely all the details of the flag. The cross in the center of the flag , called the cross of St. George, is a symbol of England because that is what St. George is the patron saint of her . White saltire , known as the cross of St. Andrew, represents Scotland on the flag of which also appear white cross , but only on a blue cloth , and moved up the flag of Great Britain . Over time, the blue color was replaced by blue. The diagonal red cross , called the cross of St. Patrick, Ireland and symbolizes located on top of a white diagonal cross.
    First English and Scottish flags appeared in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. After the unification of the two kingdoms into one thousand and sixty third year , first spotted the Union flag , which depicted two crosses - red and white St. Andrew St. George , illustrated on a blue background.
    In the mid- seventeenth century by Oliver Cromwell abolished the royal flag, but eleven years later it was restored along with the monarchy . Initially the " Union Jack " is a maritime flag. According to the order of Charles James I, the royal flag was raised only on vessels belonging to the Navy . In the UK, is still considered a criminal offense uplifting " Union Jack " in the civil courts .
    The present appearance of the royal flag acquired after Ireland acceded to the state and added to the image of the flag of Saint Patrick's cross .
  • The national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the most obvious symbol of the United Kingdom. It is called the Union Jack. "Jack" is an old word which means "sailor". Union Jack is a mixture of several overlaid flags. It combines three flags representing England, Scotland and Ireland. These flags are the crosses of the Patron Saint of England (St. George's Cross — red cross on a white ground), the flag of the Patron Saint of Scotland (St. Andrew's Cross — white diagonal cross on a blue ground) and the flag of the Patron Saint of Northern Ireland (St. Patrick's Cross — red diagonal on a white ground).
    Государственный флаг Соединенного Королевства Великобритании и Северной Ирландии является наиболее очевидным символом Великобритании. Он называется Юнион Джек. "Джек" это старое слово, которое означает "Моряк". Юнион Джек представляет собой смесь из нескольких наложенных флагов. Он сочетает в себе три флага представляющих Англию, Шотландию и Ирландию. Эти флаги кресты покровителя Англии (крест святого Георгия - красный крест на белом фоне), флаг покровителя Шотландии (Андреевский крест - белый диагональный крест на синем фоне) и флаг святого покровителя Северной Ирландии (Святого Патрика Креста - красной диагональной полосой на белом фоне).

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