Мне нужно рассказать о флаге россии на английском

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мне нужно рассказать о флаге россии на английском

  • Blue English stern flag (Blue Ensign) is the flag of the great Britain. It consists of blue cloth with the Union Jack in the upper left corner. The blue color of the canvas has the same shade, and Union Jack.
    Initially, the Blue flag was adopted in the 17th century with the image of the flag of England in the upper corner near the shaft.
    After the unification with Scotland in 1707, instead of the English flag was placed the original version of the flag Union Jack, which was a mixture of English flag and the Scottish flag.
    After joining Ireland 1 January 1801 for the Union Jack was added Irish flag of St. Patrick red Andrew's cross on a white background.
    Before the reform of 1864, the blue flag was one of the three flags of the British Navy (Blue Squadron).
    Since 1865, was approved and dependent countries and colonies use the blue flag and put on him the coat of arms (Badge).
    Since then the red flag is used for trading purposes and white flag as a Navy flag.
    A blue flag with 1864 used as the official flag of the sea and is the basis for many flags of the Commonwealth of Nations.

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