Мини-сочинениеСоставьте рассказ о человеке, которым вы восхищаетесь

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Составьте рассказ о человеке,которым вы восхищаетесь

  • One of the most admiring persons in my life is my Mom. Mother's heart loves his children in all situations, ever since one and a memorable day in the life of the mother takes her baby in his arms. The desire to raise a child who will fulfill all the hopes and expectations from this day is all thoughts of mother and only child now completely owned by her loving mother's heart.We must love our life is for what she gave us her mother - a cheerful, sincere, kind, wise. After all, how many children in this world are deprived of happiness. Mother's heart and boundless maternal love is not warm them, do not fill their children's lives meaning.

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