Мини проект по английскому языку 9 класс Почему назвали море черным?

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мини проект по английскому языку 9 класс Почему назвали море черным?

  • Why the Black Sea called black?
    There are several theories as to why the black sea called black. By hypothesis, Turkish Black Sea received its present name from the Turks, who trying to conquer the coastal populations, consistently met very stiff resistance. Because of this, the sea was nicknamed " Karada - Guise ," which translates as inhospitable .
    According to sailors reflect on the question - why the black sea called black - it got its name because of the severe storms that color the water in a dark color . However, severe storms in the sea are quite rare, and strong emotion ( up 6 points) - not more than 17 days a year. Same characteristic darkening water all seas . Also, there is a hypothesis that the Black Sea was so named because of the black sludge that remains on the shores after storms , but , in truth , it is not so much black and rather gray . Why Sea got its name ?
    According to hydrologists, offering his version , the sea was so named due to the fact that any metal object , who visited the great depth - rise to the surface strongly blackened . All the fault is hydrogen sulfide, which in large quantities at a depth of over 200 meters.
    Unfortunately , history does not reveal the mystery: who was the first who called the black sea .

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