Мая комната по англисскому языку

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мая комната по англисскому языку

  • my room...............
  • My room is small, but very cozy . I'm very nice and comfortable here , as have all that I need . Square shaped room , very bright , because a large window overlooks the south.
    Front of the window is a table with a lace table lamp next to it - stand for pens and pencils. In the drawers I keep notebooks and other school stuff. At the table - the chair on which I sit when doing homework.
    Near the right wall next to the table - bookshelf with my favorite books and textbooks . Next - a wardrobe .
    On the other side of the window is located my sports area - the Swedish wall, beam , where you can catch up to train your hands and skin Boxing "pear " . Here I am doing morning exercises.
    At the same wall is a my bed , or rather spread out sofa . When friends come to me , it can make , so it was comfortable to sit on . On the wall above the sofa hangs a small carpet . Bed linen is stored in the chest that is in the corner . Sitting on the dresser my soft fluffy friends : bear , bunny and dog with one ear . On the wall above the dresser - a few of my drawings .
    On the floor lay a carpet of gray-green . Wallpaper on the walls of the room are light green, light wood furniture . That's my room in the interior.

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