Make these sentences passive.6When Jenny entered the party hall, they offered her a glass of wine.7They are discussing a new project.8The wind was driv

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Make these sentences passive.
6)When Jenny entered the party hall,they offered her a glass of wine.
7)They are discussing a new project.
8)The wind was driving the clouds across the sky.
9)They want you on the phone.
10)They told me they had bought a new car.
11)They never remembered such things.
12)Alice said she had already done her room.
13)My secretary has already answered all the letters.
14)Publish easily forget such rules.

  • 6)When Jenny entered the party hall a glass of wine was offered by them
    a new project are being discused by them
    the sky was being drivenby the wind
    9) You are wanted on the phone by them
    10)a new car  had  been bought by them
    11)such things were never remembered by them
    12)her room had been had already done
    13)all the letters has  been already answered by My secretary
    14)such rules is easily forgot 


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