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люди помогите пожалуйста нужно сочинение рассуждение о компьютерах на английском сначало плюсы компьютера потом минусы потом мое мнение и пожалуйста перевод текста и как читается текст если можно то есть английское слово написать русским к примеру кэт  то есть кошка)

  • Scientific and technological progress imposes on our lives, our habits and practices a certain effect. Internet has long captured the thoughts and feelings of the most progressive category of humanity throughout the world. And Russia, especially in recent times, is no exception. 

    The Internet has changed our world view and attitude, and we sometimes have no idea how to get us interested in the information without the Internet. With the Internet, we write essays, plays, watching movies, listening to music, read books, make money and do many other interesting things. 

    So it seems logical that the Internet has penetrated, and in this area of human relationships, like personal sympathy and love. Many dating sites offer anyone who wishes to find a communication partner and start a relationship. 

    What is the difference between love on the Internet on the real relationship, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a love? 

    Let's start with benefits. You are free to choose with whom you communicate and build relationships. Usually dating sites offer a very wide choice of candidates, and your task - to choose someone who you most dislike. 

    In addition, when communicating over the Internet, you can lightly embellish their virtues, but if you focus on long-term relationship, this is not recommended, because at the time actually meeting people immediately see the false, you tried to pass off as truth. 

    Another significant advantage of love over the Internet - you can build your relationship slowly, slowly, without haste and without risk, as in real life, at some point to say not what you want, or not what you really want to say . Sitting beside your computer monitor, you always have the time and opportunity to reflect, to analyze their thoughts and decide what you want to write to his handpicked successor at a given time. 

    Another advantage of the relations on the Internet - the openness of the people (of course, if they wish to open). Through the Internet, you can express the thoughts that you never dare to publish in real life. We do not see the reaction of the interlocutor to our letters - this can be either positive or negative side of love through the Internet. 

    As the depth of feelings, it could take no less than the relationship in real life. People are waiting for virtual meetings with each other, counting the days, hours, minutes. 

    However, there are also negative aspects. Speaking through the Internet, we do not see the interlocutor does not hear his voice and picture in the profile may not accurately transmit the nuances of his appearance. Often, people give themselves not for those who they really are, and when it comes to the actual meeting (if the income is, of course) comes smack in the face, and so it is harder than the more bound to the fictional image. 

    In addition, often the other person may be thousands of miles away from you in another city or even in another country. Meet with the companion of more than problematic. Also in Russia, while the Internet is still a luxury because of its high cost, so in the West, dating and love on the Internet - a phenomenon more common, and there are more cases where a virtual romance turns into a real with a happy ending. 

    By the way, my wife, I found it on the Internet, and such cases in our country is becoming more and more. So my advice to you, dear women: do not think that love on the Internet - the fate of losers, boldly Meet and start virtual novels. The main thing - do not be afraid and go boldly forward to the goal! 

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