Listen, read and remember. Say which season you like best of all. Give your reasons

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Listen,read and remember.Say which season you like best of all.Give your reasons.

  • Winter is the coldest couple years , while blizzards and heavy frosts . But in spite of this , for many it is a favorite pair of the year. Winter is a time of celebration and fun .
    In winter, people celebrate Christmas Day , New Year's , Orthodox Christmas, Old New Year , Valentine's Day , February 23. And so the winter for many people brings joy .
    And as the children are waiting for the winter . And you can take a ride on a sled , skiing, skating , playing snowballs , snowman blind . Every time of the year in its own interest .
    Winter is also a very beautiful time of the year . It just fascinates with its beauty. You leave the chime on the street, where all the glitters , shimmers millions of diamonds. All trees sparkle . Later in the afternoon , when the sun slowly set over the horizon begins play of colors . The snow turned orange , then pink , and the frost on the trees begins to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.
    After the sun went down , and began to climb last month , highlighting Silver- light all around. Once again, the snow glistened . In the sky light up one after the other cool stars . How beautiful all around ! Like in a fairy tale ! And look at all this beauty with bated breath , as if afraid to break this winter wonderland . Yes, every time of the year in his own amazing and unique.

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