Комната моей мечты на английском языке, с картинками

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Комната моей мечты на английском языке, с картинками.

  • My Dream Room
    My name is Dasha. Me and my parents live in the city center in a three-bedroom flat. I have a separate room of my own, which is nice. However, I would like to make some changes there. My current room is of light green colour but I’d like it to be orange. I like warm and welcoming colours. My mum promised to change the wallpapers this year, so I hope to have my dream room soon. Another thing I’d change is the shape and size of my wardrobe. I have a huge rectangular wardrobe of dark hazel colour. Instead, I’d like to have a smaller one with oval top and city landscapes on it. I’d like to have a bunk bed in my room. At the moment I’m sleeping on a huge sofa, which occupies half of the room’s space, whereas bunk beds are more comfortable and compact. Sometimes my friend Polina visits me and wants to stay overnight. With a bunk bed it would be much easier, as she could sleep on its top bunk. In the right corner I have a small study with a desk, a chair, a computer, a lamp and some book shelves. I wouldn’t like to change anything there as it’s a very cozy corner. I do my home-works and additional projects there. Speaking of a computer, I dream of a cute pink laptop. Mine is an old desktop computer which is often slow to react. So my dream room should contain a new laptop. My parents don’t want me to keep any pets in the flat. But in my dreams I wish I could keep a small turtle and a hamster in my room. Also, a large fish-tank with colourful fishes would be nice. When I have such a perfect room, I’ll invite friends over more often.

  • It is a room of my dream . I love it because there is a big window with Sea view. I like Spacious rooms like this.
    In it l can really relax looking to the sea.

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