Какой вопрос вы зададите в данной ситуации? Используйте слова в скобкахYou want to find out if the people, inviting you, will find out somewhere to livet

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Какой вопрос вы зададите в данной ситуации?Используйте слова в скобках
You want to find out if the people,inviting you,will find out somewhere to live(to take care of accommodation)
You want to make sure you dont have to pay for the drinks(free of charge)
You want to know if the flat is occupied at the moment(to rent)
You want to pay for your Internet use,but you cant find the document you got from the provider(bill)
You have had lunch in a cafe.You want to pay(bill)
You didnt use the heating and you dont want to pay for it(to charge)

  • 1. Are you gonna take care of the accommodation? 2. Are these drinks free of charge? 3. Can I rent this flat now? 4. What's my bill for Internet? 5. Could you bring the bill, please? 6. Could you charge off my heating bill?

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