Как написать мне сочинение про субботу на английсском языке???

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как написать мне сочинение про субботу на английсском языке???

  • How I spent my Saturday.Waking up this morning , had breakfast and plump gathered already walking our dad , suddenly , resisted , saying that mark time in the park boring, cold and uninteresting, and offered to go somewhere, and we have taken and agreed , and went no where , ibud , and straight to the zoo. It is true we just walked in the new territory and not very long, but the playground like not only to us but to the Pope and Yegor , because he reacted quite vividly on those little animals , which he had seen in the pictures , and even more on my mother's sound design . Unfortunately the rain chased us out of such an interesting place, right from the cells with a polar bear , and the time is approaching for dinner.Dinner we went to McDonald's , the benefit side by side, there is a good aunt warmed our bank and we will be happy to dare. Eat, it was decided to go somewhere else. Immediately got the idea to take the money for the apartment owners . It should be noted that they live in the village. Kliazma is between Mytishchi and Pushkin . The road ran past my mother's work , and we stopped there and still visit my mother's colleagues. Yegor everyone loved , everyone said that it looks like the Pope and the Pope is not a screwdriver .Then we drove all the same money and returned home to 17-00 . Egor slept in the road but woke up at 14-00 just sleep literary manager .Here's a day we turned today

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