Insert articles where necessary:1. They used to make … wonderful parties at their estate. 2. … Clown appeared first in … English circus. 3. Last

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Insert articles where necessary:
1. They used to make ... wonderful parties at their estate. 2. ... Clown appeared first in ... English circus. 3. Last year he bought ... house he had dreamed of. 4. His cousins live in ... village. 5. Helen is looking for ... job. 6. ... apple ... day keeps ... doctor away. 7. ... Computer games are very popular with ... children. 8. He plays ... tennis, but he is not ... extra-class player. 9. Have you been dropped from ... moon?

  • 1) артикль не нужен
    2) Clown appeared first in the English circus
    3) the
    4) a
    5) артикль не нужен
    6) ??????
    7) артикль не нужен
    8) He plays tennis, but he is not an extra-class player
    9) the

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