Give a 2 minute talk on your favourite subject at school

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give a 2 minute talk on your favourite subject at school

  • As for me I like English very much. I really do! It is not easy to study it but I feel myself mighty when I can understand a song in English or answer somebody his question. 
    Of course I have to do many difficult things to keep my ability to speak and understand Eng. In the lessons we read and discuss texts, ask and answer questions, study a lot of grammar rules and new words, then  try to use them properly in different creative tasks. ((I think it would very useful if we sometimes could watch parts of films or sing songs in Eng. - but usually we are in lack of time.))
       It seems to me that Eng.lessons don't teach me anything special - ((all those things can be easily read in my native language.)) But ability to use the Eng language gives me another way to look at the world around me ((and to see more nice things.))
    I hope I'll always be able to improve my speaking abilities. The language is not very important for my future job - but I still want to have that special feelings of power.

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