Finish the following sentences1.If you waste your time like this,… .2.You would regret it afterwards, if…… .3.If i were you,…. .4.If I had had

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Finish the following sentences
1.If you waste your time like this,... .
2.You would regret it afterwards,if...... .
3.If i were you,.... .
4.If I had had the opportunity to leave for a foreign country,... .
5.Will you be angry,if.... ?
6.If we had enough petrol,.... .
7.If anything happened,... .
8.I shall go for a bathe,if... .
9.If we had left earlier,... .
10.They would  have no end of trouble,if.... .
11.They would have prevented  the accident,if.. .
12.What would have happened to his career,if... .
13.If the hunter had note come,... .
14.If you stir your coffe,... .
15.If ice were heavier than wayer,... .
16.If i didn't know you needed help,... .
17.If i leave the knife in the water,.. .
18.If  it had not been for you,.. . 
19.If it had not been for the bad wether, ... .
20.You would regret it later,if... .
21.He would have died,if... .
22.I would persuade him to come back,if.... .
23.If you are here on time,... .

  • 1you will newer have a good job.
    2if something happend to her.
    3i will cut down that tree.
    4i would go to their school.
    5i brake your sofa?
    6we would take that place already today.
    7i will help her.
    8there is no one in the bathroom.
    9we will come there in time.
    10they brake that car.
    11they do something earlier.
    12it fall into the river?
    13he would never do it.
    14it would be more much tastier
    16i would never believ it.
    17you will cut your leg.
    18i would newer do it.
    19we would go for a walk
    20if you don`t do it right now.
    21someone don`t rescue him from the fire.
    22you will stay with us
    23i will pick up you on the car

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